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Keynote & Invited Speakers
  • Prof. William Powrie (University of Southampton)
  • Prof. He Xia (Beijing Jiaotong University)
  • Dr. Florian Auer (Plasser and Theurer)
  • Dr. Wulf-Holger Arndt (Technical University of Berlin)
  • Prof. Klaus Riesberger (Technical University of Graz)
  • Dr. Tom Kutscher (Siemens)
  • Stephane Edenwald (Pondrol)
Heavy Haul & High Speed Railway – Fastening System
  • Louis Vandamme (Pandrol)
USP & UBM - Resiliesnt  layer in railway system
  • Luca Bruno (Politecnico Di Torino)
Sand mitigation around railway tracks:  the smart approach
  • Ricardo Corral (DF Rail)
Turnouts for heavy haul and high-speed railway system -  especial use:  double or triple gauge
  • Patrick Carels (Pandrol)
Comparative Investigation on Various Vibration Mitigation approaches
  • Dan Sapsford (Pandrol)
Resilient Fastening system – vanguard
  • Adriano Sturchio (Salcef)
Innovations in Railway construction and Maintenance
  • Giovanni Brero (ERF)
noise barrier -  design and calculation
  • Willy Molter (STRAIL)
improve performance and safety and level crossing with STRAIL  Rubber Panels
  • Mohammad Reza Talaei (IUST)
tunnel ventilationand Fire scenarios
  • Sergey V. Myamlin (Dnipropetrovsk National University)
new car designed for tourist railway train
  • Chen Mingwu (SouthWest Jiaotong University)
research a novel active power quality comprehensive compensation technology used in electrified railway in China
  • Mohammed Rizvi & Luc Vuilleumier (Siemens)
digitalization and IT based Solutions
  • Bogdan Tronac (Naue)
Introduction Geosynthetic products
  • Mohsen Saber Mahani (IUST)
innovation soil improvement techniques
  • Deng Yunchuan (Design & Research Institute of CREEC)
and electrical description metal for traction network based on the multi-conductor loop circuit Method
Scientific committee
Dr. H. Ahadi (IUST)
Prof. M. Ahmadian (Virginia Tech)
Dr. M. Bagheri (IUST)
Prof. B. De Schutter (Delft University)
Dr. S. Farshad (IUST)
Dr. M. Gharouni Nik (IUST)
Dr. A. Hadidi (Tabriz University)
Dr. P. Hoseini T. (IUST)
Prof. F. Julay (University of Tehran)
Dr. M. Kh. Sameni (IUST)
Dr. A. Mirabadi (IUST)
Dr. F. Moghaddas Nejad (AUT)
Dr. A. Ahmadi (LUT)
Dr. Sh. Ataei (IUST)
Prof. M. Behzad (SUT)
Dr. M. Esmaeili (IUST)
Dr. S. S. Fazel (IUST)
Prof. B. Ghodrati (LUT)
Prof. M. Haji Alilooei (Tabriz University)
Dr. A. Jabbarzadeh (IUST)
Prof. A. Kaveh (IUST)
Dr. U. Kumar (LUT)
Prof. J. M. Mohammadi (IUST)
Prof. H. Ahmadian (IUST)
Dr. M. Reza Ayatollahi (IUST)
Prof. W. Birk (LUT)
Prof. A. Fahimifar (AUT)
Dr. H. Ghahremani (IUST)
Dr. B. Ghorbani V. (IUST)
Prof. A. Hasani (TMU)
Prof. A. Jalali (IUST)
Dr. A. Karimzadeh (MAPNA)
Prof. P. Lautala (MTU)
Dr. B. Moaveni (IUST)
Dr. S. Mohammadzadeh (IUST)
Dr. H. Molatefi (IUST)
Dr. S. M. Mousavi G. (IUST)
Dr. S. M. Nasr Azadani (IUST)
Dr. S. Nouri (IUST)
Prof. C. P. L. Barkan (u. of Illinois)
Dr. M. A. rezvani B. (IUST)
Prof. H. Sayyadi (SUT)
Dr. M. Shahravi (IUST)
Dr. S.A. Torabi (U. of Tehran)
Prof. P. Woodward (HWU)
Prof. D. Younesian (IUST)
Dr. S. Monnajem (KNU)
Prof. S. V. Myamlin (DNU)
Prof. N. Niessen (EWTH Aachen)
Dr. A. Ohadi (IUST)
Dr. M. P. Aghaie (IUST)
Prof. F. Saccomanno (U. of Waterloo)
Prof. Schindler (RWTH Aachen)
Dr. M. Shariat Panahi (U. of Tehran)
Prof. M. Verma (Mc Master)
Prof. H. Xia (BJI)
Prof. J. A. Zakeri (IUST)
Dr. L. F. Miranda-Moreno (McGill University)
Dr. A. Nasr (IUST)
Dr. M. Nouri (SRTTU)
Dr. Ohadi (AUT)
Prof. W. Powrie (UoS)
Dr. M. A. Sandidzadeh (IUST)
Prof. Y. Shafahi (SUT)
Dr. M. R. Talaei (IUST)
Prof. Z. Wanming (SJU)
Dr. M. Yaghini (IUST)
Dr. M. Ziaeifar (IIEES)

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Important Dates

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  • 20 April 2019 (Extended)
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  • Conference:
  • 9 &10 June 2019

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