• Topics:

    Rail track and Structures

    railway structures (bridges, The tunnels, railway stations etc.)

    track-train interaction

    train-bridge interaction

    Maintenance and repair management system

    Dynamic railway tracks

    Construction and maintenance of railway tracks

    The safety of railway tracks

    feasibility and reliability of the track and rail structures

    monitoring of the track and the rail structures

    Vibration analysis of railway structures

    New concepts in track design

    measurement system of the quality of the railway tracks

    Ground vibrations

    The infrustructure and superstructure of the railway traks

    Material and components of the railway tracks

    The buckling of the railway track

    Continuous welding tracks technology

    New technology in rail seam welding

    Reconstruction and improvement of existing railway tracks

    Rolling stock

    Design a Rolling stock for passenger trains

    Design Rolling stock for freight trains

    Details and components of the Rolling stock

    Mechanics of contact of wheel and rail surface

    Dynamics of railway tracks

    Rolling stock Brake System

    Wheel and rails wear 

    Fatigue Contact Rolling stock

    Train Control Equipment Control System

    Train Suspensions system

    Train aerodynamics

    Power generation system on the train

    Train power Transmission System

    noise and vibration of the Rolling stock

    Rolling stock maintenance and repairing

    Fast trains

    Maglev trains

    Discontinuity diagnosis machines and status monitoring

    Eco-friendly trains

    Railway transportation***

    Railway Management System

    Intelligent control system

    Planning the construction of railway tracks

    Train scheduling and planning***

    Demand Analysis in Rail Transport***

    Railway Transport Economy

    Data mining in railway transport

    Network optimization and modeling

    Freight and Logistics

    Multifaceted door to door transport

    Transportation systems and policies

    Multimodal Transportation

    Human resources management

    Risk Analysis in Railways

    HSE in Railways Engineering and Structures

    Information, planning and ticket sales systems

    Manage the flow of passengers, facilities and services

    Electric railway and signaling

    Stretching motor control

    Electric railway

    Railway signaling system

    Analysis of traction supply systems 

    Traffic modeling and simulating

    Communication and signaling system

     traction supply technology

    Automatic railway system

    Railway control system

    Automatic traffic control (ATC)

    Urban rail system

    Planning and urban Integration***

    Light Rail Transit

    Monorail System

    Underground tunnels and metro

    Design and optimization of subway lines***

    Sustainability and safety in drilling

    Underground structures

    Aspects of geodynamics

    Maintenance and repairing in the construction of subway lines

    Underground Vibration Analysis

    Shared passenger systems

    Unmanned Systems

    Advanced train control

    Energy management in metro systems

    Supply of energy in the metro lines

    Metro Communication System

    Economics and Railways Policy

    Economic productivity

    Investment incentives in the rail industry

    Infrastructure of investment, pricing, ownership and private and public investors

    Promotion of demand development

    Free trade: business desires, models and new people

    Sustainable Development

    energy efficiency

    Energy Management

    Power supply

    Environmental aspects of new railways

    Safety and Productivity

    Traffic Management and railway lines Capacity

    Cost of operating life cycle

    Methods of reducing maintenance costs

    Management of value

    Safety and security risk management systems

    Safety of road-railroad level crossings

    Safety of railroad crossings

    Human performance and processes; and demographic challenges in the workforce

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